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Painted Sun's Lynn & Buddy James Barnet


Lynn comes from our foundation lines, and a long line of natural hunters (Pointers & Retrievers). It is very natural for her pups to start retrieving with out teaching them. Buddy's pups have proved to be the natural hunters as well. This is their 3rd litter together. Both OFA hips are Excellent & elbows are normal with OFA. Eyes have been cleared via CERF testing. Both are EIC and CNM tested so that we are 100% guarentee that we are not producing affected pups.

Our Lynn is a black that carries a chocolate gene (dominant recessive black gene). Buddy is a Straight Chocolate (dominant recessive black gene). Together they can only produce black pups that carries a chocolate gene (dominant recessive black gene) & Straight chocolate pups (dominant recessive black gene).

Bc C Byc Cy

Holly has went home with Duquet Family

3 weeks 5lbs 6oz

4 weeks 6lbs 14oz

5 weeks 9lbs 9oz

6 weeks 11lbs 12oz

7 weeks 14lbs 06oz

Gauge went home with the Hutchins

Red Collar Male

3 weeks 5lbs 1oz

4 weeks 6lbs 6 1/2oz

5 weeks 8lbs 15oz

6 weeks 10lbs 9oz

7 weeks 13lb 2oz

Maximus went home with Michael Knitowski to start his hunting training.

Blue Collar will live with Male Michael

3 weeks 5lbs 2oz

4 weeks 6lbs 14oz

5 weeks 9lbs 8oz

01/28/2012 10lbs 6 1/2oz

Ivan has went home with Sabrina

Black Collar Male

3 weeks 4lbs 6oz

4 weeks 5lbs 9oz

5 weeks 7lbs 15oz

6 weeks 9lbs 9 1/2oz

7 weeks 12lb 05oz



Dews have been removed on December 19th.

Panacur 3 day treatment started date _01/10/2011_ & _01/24/2012_. Baycox for Cocci treatment _01/15/2012_ & ________.

5 Canine Distemper-Adenovirus Type 2-Parainfluenza-Parvovirus Vaccine given 02/04/2012

Recommendation: We recommend three more vaccinations with a combination vaccine that includes modified live parvovirus, distemper, canine adenovirus-2, and canine parainfluenza at every 3-4 weeks of age until 16 weeks of age. In addition, your puppy must be vaccinated for rabies after 16 weeks of age. Until recently, it was common practice to vaccinate also against leptospirosis and canine coronavirus. The UC Davis Veterinary School has recently informed veterinatians that coronavirus has been eliminated in the Western United States. The commercial leptospirosis vaccine only provides protection against one or two strains of the virus, and these have also been eliminated. There is a growing concern that we are overstimulating the immune systems of puppies by challenging them with so many different antigens in the same short period of time. With our own dogs, we do not vaccinate for leptospirosis or coronavirus. Our reasons for omitting these two vaccinations, which are still recommended by some vets are: 1. These pathogens are rare and apparently not present in the Western United States. 2. Although leptospirosis and coronavirus infections can be fairly serious, they are not often life-threatening, as is the case with parvo and distemper. 3. There is strong evidence that most allergic responses to vaccination are caused by the leptospirosis component.